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We also produce labels in materials such as PVC, rubber and silicone. These are great for garments in the swimwear, outerwear and luggage industry. 
PVC is one of the most commonly used synthetic materials around the world. This material is also recyclable and a great choice for displaying an impactful statement of your brand.
Rubber labels can come in any shape or color and are the most durable 3D multi-color labels available. These labels can be applied with adhesives, stitching, RF (Radio Frequency) welding and heat sealing. Rubber can be used on garments, shoes, swimwear and other industrial applications. They can also be used as advertising materials for your brand as giveaways.
Silicone and TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) printed labels are great options for durability and stability. Sewing a silicone or TPU label into a garment is easy and can be done on almost any garment. They are commonly found in swimwear or activewear garments and are soft to the touch, which is important in those types of items of clothing. 
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